Monday 20 March 2023

Wallpaper Inaugural & Poetry Recitation

Department of English organised
Wallpaper Inaugural & Poetry Recitation on 'World Poetry day' 

The Department of English organised ‘Wallpaper Inaugural and Poetry Recitation’ on the occasion of ‘World Poetry Day’ on 21st March, 2023 in the Seminar Hall at 11.00 to 12.00 pm. The theme for Poetry Recitation was ‘Nature and Beauty.’ The aim of the program was to encourage students to participate spontaneously and build skill for poetic expression.

 The theme for wallpaper  was ‘ Goan Writers.’ The students of B.A. and were requested to contribute for the wallpaper 15 days in advance.

Head of the Department Assoc. Professor Oscar de Noronha inaugured  the wallpaper. He spoke on importance of creative writing and encouraged students to come up with different ideas for the wallpaper in future. 

 The students actively participated and recited the poem of their liking, whereas some recited the poem that they composed.

The recitation was followed by certificate distribution for the different activities held by the English Department for the current academic year. (2022-2023)

Writing Letters to Editors coordinated by Asst. Professor Neha Minesh Kalangutkar. 

Spelling Bee Competition coordinated by Asst. Professor Siddhi Sangle.

Essay Writing Competition coordinated by Asst. Professor Vividha Agarwadekar.

The total of 76  students participated for the program.

Asst. Professor Siddhi Sangle proposed the vote of thanks. The program was compèred by Ms. Arya Kamat. The program was coordinated by Asst. Professor Neha Minesh Kalangutkar.  

Glimpses of "Soft Skills Workshop" 2023